Odara Rose

Keeper of the Sacred Heart

Craniosacral | Somatic Emotional Release | Soul Whispering

Odara is a pure channel of truth. She ignites the spark of love within you. As a Soul whisperer, she speaks back to you your healing stories, in languages your Soul can understand. She holds an overflowing chalice of blessing that reigns upon you. Using the alchemy of energy, intention, and power, she is your Divine advocate.

Odara is a fierce protectress of the Sacred. She calls your entire being into alignment with authority and precision. If you are ready to blast through the constraints of the past and take your seat of sovereignty, she is your guide.


"I highly recommend Odara.

Not just as a phenomenal healer, but as a person who walks as a living prayer. Anyone who has been in her presence has been blessed her powerful voice and ever-giving heart.

As a healer, Odara is my go-to when I am in need of any amount of TLC. She has helped me to free myself from that which once seemed too immense to be freed. In my personal experience, a few sessions with her have replaced years and thousands of dollars worth of searching for healing help elsewhere.

But don't just take my word for it– I am excited for you to see for yourself!"

Shardai / CEO Sacred Center Sanctuary

"Odara is an incredibly gifted healer with rare abilities.  She has a very bright, calming presence.  She works hard to determine what’s bringing you in to see her before she even begins the actual session.  Her work can’t be summed up neatly in a certain practice or tradition.  She told me some people have called it “soul whispering.”  


With me, it was very physical, involving a fair bit of hands-on touch to access and shift energy.  She’s incredibly intuitive.  She would guide me right up to the edge of some realization or decision using her words and movements.  When I would silently come to some important new realization, or make some important decision, she would say “there it is."  


She helped me to clear away years of energetic blocks in just one session.  Afterward, I felt as though someone had taken a huge weight off me.  I’m still integrating the effects of working with her, but I can see it playing out in my life.  I highly recommend working with her, especially if you’ve been trying to clear something for a long time."

N.N. / Teacher , Wilderness Guide