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Root | Remember | Rise

Anoint your Sacred Heart & Body Temple. Reclaim your Spiritual Sovereignty. Reunite as a Sisterhood & brotherhood of the Rose.

This Sacred Feminine Temple & Mystery School is specifically dedicated to the Rosa Mystica Lineage, as anchored by the energies of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Hathor, Sirius & Venus, and Atlantis & Lemuria. It also holds the teachings of the Sacred Masculine as anchored by Yeshua, Osiris, the Grael Templars & the Maitreya, as they act as Spiritual Protectors of this Sacred Feminine Temple.

~All those who carry heart-felt devotion to the Sacred Feminine in any form are welcome here. 

~All those who are curious to learn more about what resides in their own heart, are welcome here. 

Welcome to the Temple

Rose Priest~ess Temple

As carriers of the Rose, we are devoted to our own sovereign

Power | Truth | Wisdom

Rose Priest~ess

Heart Temple

We are a monthly devotional gathering dedicated to the One Loving Heart of the living Rosa Mystica within us all.


Here we honor the Sacred Feminine gnostic teachings, as embodied through Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Yeshua, and Goddess Isis & God Osiris. 

We gather as a sister/brotherhood of non-denominational belief- joined together by the simplicity of LOVE. We are dedicated to our own sovereign knowing, therefore this community is created through all of us. We honor the lost lineage of Christianity that came through the Women, and the lineage of the Goddess that proceeded them all. We are in humble service to the return of Love onto our beloved Mother Gaia.

Gathering Components:




~Wisdom Sharing

~Inner Communion Meditation

~Member-Led Embodiment Practice

We circle every 3rd Sunday, 10:30am-Noon

Online via Zoom until further notice

Rose Priestess Mystery School

As Priestesses-in-remembrance, we are devoted to

Sacred | Sovereign | Service

Rose Priestess Immersion:

Womb Awakened Power

Do you feel gravitated towards the path of a Rose Priestess?

As womxn, we will gather in a daylong sovereign remembrance and discovery of what it means to be a modern-day priestess. For beginners.

What to expect:

~A day of magical connection to your unique soul's essence and power.

~Deepen into intimacy and group process with other like-minded souls

~Be guided on a Crystal bowl sound journey into the Womb of Sophia, and relink the soul dream of Her womb to the soul dream of your own.

~Spend time in nature, connecting to the Soul of Gaia.

~Deepen into the power of your subtle physical body through guided movement practice

Coming this fall 2020...

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