Healing Package
 What are you experiencing now?

~ I have a difficult medical diagnosis, or health crisis, and I don't know where else to turn.
~I run myself ragged taking care of everyone else, but seem to have no gas in the tank for myself at the end of the day.
~I live with a baseline of anxiety, depression, or worry about my life, and try to stuff it away because addressing it seems too overwhelming.
~I am experiencing a spiritual awakening, and am not sure what to do with my 'otherworldly' experiences.
~I tell myself that my life is good, but underneath I have a desire for something deeper and more fulfilling.
~I feel as if I've never quite healed around certain wounds of my childhood.

What would you rather experience?
~ Hope in new possibilities for my life, and a return of health and balance to my body.
~Strong boundaries, that include time and space for self-care, and an easeful commitment to doing my own soul-work.
~Peace of mind, that my life is headed in a positive direction, and that I am on-purpose.
~Excitement and joy around my new spiritual gifts that are awakening, and a sense of stability amidst the chaos of change.
~Shifting from hardship into grace, and from spiritual poverty into true abundance.
~Freedom from the past, and a more optimistic outlook for my future.

What You Receive

Release | Empower | Rise


5 Private Healing Sessions (60 minutes, virtual)

These are offered through my own personal healing style, where I blend all the most potent tools from my medicine bag for you.

Including Shamanic energy work, Anointing, Priestess energy work, and personalized mirroring & counseling. 

Option to continue on with a monthly session membership.


$625 pay-in full (Full value $750)