Intro to the 
Pachakuti Mesa Tradition
of cross-cultural shamanism
Create your own earth-honoring altar


February  5th 1-3pm PST


In this workshop we will cover


  • Introduction to the lineage originated in Peru

  • Importance of cultural context amidst popular plant medicine ceremonies

  • Discussion on the relevancy of shamanic practice for today’s world

  • Construction of your very own shamanic healing altar (mesa)

  • Energetic attunement to the 5 elemental directions of the PMT mesa

  • Next steps to apprentice in these earth-honoring arts


You will walk away with


  • A foundational understanding of lineage & its relevancy in spiritual practice

  • Your own awakened altar to place in your home, in service to personal & planetary renewal

  • A template of sacred technology to utilize for all kinds of healing & ritual

  • Renewed sense of balance in your heart and mind

  • An overview of our 9 month in person shamanic apprenticeship


Energy Exchange



Zoom, virtual


~Roughly 24x24" thicker cloth, for your altar base

~One stone/crystal to represent the energies of the Earth

~One shell to represent the energies of the Feminine

~One feather to represent the energies of Creator/Creatrix

~One candle to represent the energies of the Masculine

~One center piece, with a most sacred object (or shell and cross) to represent your personal soul

~Journal & pen

Wednesday Night Link-Up
Global Shamanic Healing Meditation
Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

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Feb 2nd & 23rd

8:45-9:30pm EST

Activate healing for self, and healing for the world. Tune into our global village of mesa carriers, and lay down your prayers.

Open to all, whether or not you are a part of this tradition. Simply join in to amplify your own prayers for the collective.


~Anything you need to be comfortable sitting at your altar or in nature for 30 minutes

~FYI We will open our altars together when we meet



LOCATION: Facebook


Rose Priestess
Temple of Self Love

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February 14th

2-4pm PST

Join us for a soothing evening of ritual and introspection, as we step into the center of the rose of love. Together we will settle into the arms of the Goddess, and receive LOVE deep within our hearts. 


~Cleanse and anoint our hearts with sacred waters & anointing oils

~Journey into our hearts to bless & clear anything in the way of us receiving love

~’Fluff’ each other up with levity and grace

~Share in sisterhood, around the One Heart(h) of the Goddess


~Anything you need to be comfortable sitting at an altar or in an undisturbed place

~a bowl of fresh waters to bless together

~Any essential oils or infused waters

~Optional veil or outfit that promotes self-love



LOCATION: Zoom (link upon registration)