What are people saying? 

"I am still basking in the love a week later :) Shardai is the real deal.


I have been a massage therapist for 12 years and have met so many wonderful healer's and gifted people along the way. Shardai has the sweetest energy, and holds such a loving space for the person in her presence. It was such a wonderful session, and I left feeling so light and open in area's that were very tight and full of gunk. She gently found the restriction's and held them until my body was ready to set them free. I look forward to distant healing with her.


Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this lady :) You will be glad you did."

~Dena K. Vibrational Healing Client

"I did a shamanic journeying session with Shardai and it was amazing.

She made me feel very comfortable and explained the basics of how journeying works. She worked with me to figure out what I really needed help with. The journey itself was incredible and I can already feel things shifting.

I highly recommend this sort of medicine."

~N.N. Shamanic Healing Client

Shardai Imanara Moon

Keeper of the Chrism


Shamanism | Sound Therapy | Priestess Attunements

Shardai is a vessel for the golden light of the Divine Mother to pour her graces upon you. She offers a grounded, unshakeable, and compassionate space of healing for her clients. No matter the 'bigness' of what is brought into the room for healing, it is able to be held and transformed in the purity of this loving sanctuary.

As a Soul Alchemist, Shardai brings her clients back into alignment with their Sacred Center of power and truth–liberating them from unnecessary bondages or suffering on this physical plane. Her gentle yet powerful approach ensures you are well-guided on your journey of becoming.

Soul Discovery

In this optional 1:1 call with Shardai, we explore the best way to get you the transformation you are seeking.

Through conversation we drop in, listen deeply, and explore a path forward.

Intro Session

Start to dive into your healing journey. Meet Shardai for a 60 minute intro session to make sure it is a good fit all-around. Includes a full session so you can start seeing tangible results. 

Deepening Path

Continue to deepen onto your path with a session program of your choice. 

Deepen into our community through ongoing classes and programs.

How We Work Together
 What are you experiencing now?

~I run myself ragged taking care of everyone else, but seem to have no gas in the tank for myself at the end of the day.
~I live with a baseline of anxiety, depression, or worry about my life, and try to stuff it away because addressing it seems too overwhelming.
~I am experiencing a spiritual awakening, and am not sure what to do with my 'otherworldly' experiences.
~I tell myself that my life is good, but underneath I have a desire for something deeper and more fulfilling.
~I feel as if I've never quite healed around certain wounds of my childhood.

What would you rather experience?
~Strong boundaries, that include time and space for self-care, and an easeful commitment to doing my own soul-work.
~Peace of mind, that my life is headed in a positive direction, and that I am on-purpose.
~A strong, authentic presence that naturally attracts clients and collaborators into my vocational work.
~Excitement and joy around my new spiritual gifts that are awakening, and a sense of stability amidst the chaos of change.
~Shifting from hardship into grace, and from poverty into abundance.
~A sense of purpose for my life– I chose to be here at this time, and I am a valuable asset to my loved ones and community.

Session Offerings

Soul Alchemy

Pray | Release | Transform

120 Minutes


If you are feeling lost, or in need of significant healing... if you are wanting to mark a big life transition that is occurring for you...

The creation and ritual offering of a prayer bundle-Despacho- is a powerful way to realign yourself with life. It is a traditional ceremony performed by Peruvian shamans in order to maintain balance in our lives, our communities, and our planet. It is a way to humble ourselves and call in powerful resources to assist us from the seen and unseen realms.

Together we will create a potent prayer bundle to nourish you as you cross any threshold that life is currently offering... Loss, birth, marriage, divorce, health crisis, spiritual crisis... with intention and heartfelt prayer you will rapidly process & shift your current reality.

Single Sessions

Amplify | Align | Ascend

60 Minutes


We utilize the heightened healing frequency of Essential Oils, Gemstone Crystal Bowls, Tuning forks, Shamanic instruments & Crystal Energy Work, to help your whole being come back into a heightened state of functioning. Either Essential Oils or Sound therapy are the main session focus, according to your preference. 

A full Raindrop Technique session includes applying Young Living's 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils to your back and feet with a light massage. This effects your entire central nervous system, and is excellent to increase immunity & energy.

A full sound healing session includes a relaxing meditation with channelled voice, bowls, and other vibrational instruments. 


Rose Alchemy

Extract | Empower | Elevate

60-120 Minutes


Utilizing ancient spiritual healing technologies developed over millennia by the indigenous medicine people from Peru, we address any imbalances or dis-eases of mind, heart, body, spirit, or soul, within you. There are several sessions options:

We can utilize the medicine pieces of the shamanic altar to extract any dense energies or masses that are holding you back or causing you illness. We can retrieve your fragmented and lost pieces of Soul or Power through shamanic drumming & journeying. We can retrieve guidance & healing from your personal unseen allies through shamanic journeywork into your subconscious realms. And we can cut unhealthy attachments from your relationships or addictions through shamanic hypnosis. 


My Tools


Altar or Mesa

My Medicine Altar (Mesa) is an intentional harnessing and directing of life force energy to the benefit of all beings, and to the benefit of you during our session. It is the ground where we our energy bodies meet & interact during a distance session. My altar is made up of Medicine Pieces (or Artes & Khuyas), which are vessels of living magic that allow for organic and purposeful transformation to take place. Each one has been embued with a particular force of nature, or offers a particular medicine gift to the healee.

Allies & Guides

My main role is to be a bridge between the immense healing energies of the universe, and my clients. I work through my alliances with specific healing archetypes, and the energies of nature, in collaboration with your own guides & allies (whether or not you know them yet!). 


Sound Vibration

Vibration is the movement of life all around us. When we align with it, we literally vibrate every cell in our being back into our natural state of coherency and health. This is why I always create a high vibrational field in which the healing session takes place. This counteracts the chaotic energy fields of modern technologies, that are constantly scrambling our natural systems.

I may employ sound vibration through my voice, Peruvian rattles, tuning forks and crystal singing bowls to support the resonant field of healing.


The original healing tool, hands are an extension of the pure & unifying energy of the heart. I place mine gently above your energetic body as it appears or rests in front of me. I use my hands and imaginary focus to shift the subtle and dense layers of your energetic matrix. I will 'see' the areas of density or dis-ease in your body, and gently remember them back into wholeness. This often involves 'psychic surgery.'

Sounds magical, and it is!


I use 100% Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, and organic if I can. I may use them as an adjunct during our session, or as an integral part of any vibrational or Priestess session. Essential Oils hold the energetic imprint of the plant or flower, that have been distilled down into the 'essential' volatile oils. They assist any healing session by amplifying the frequency of the energetic field of healing we are in together. Each one has a unique healing personality, and I am happy to create a personalized oil blend for you.

Essential Oils


What can you NOT address?

I will not be able to out-will or override any part of your healing process that is currently in service to your soul's growth. For example, if you are learning on a soul level how to interact with physical pain in a more beneficial way, I may not be able to assist in 'taking it away' for you. I may, however, be able to shine light on how this is a part of your healing/wholing process, which will actually empower you to move through the lessons that pain is teaching you, ultimately releasing the pain when you are ready.

Please keep in mind that for some issues that are further down the path of imbalance, multiple practitioners may be needed in order to address the various aspects involved. If you are curious what other modalities may be helpful in addition to what I offer you, I'm happy to share my personal perspective. As a holistic healer, I recognize that I don't have all the answers, and that diversity is one of the healthiest options for creating a balanced life.
I am officially an adjunct, not a replacement for a general physician, major medical interventions such as surgery & chemotherapy, or treatment for a mental health crisis. If in an acute stage of crisis I would encourage you to seek out appropriate acute care services.

What kind of outcome can I expect?

Most people feel immediate shifts throughout the session. I view each session as a short ceremony, which viscerally begins the moment you commit to the session, and the effects linger most strongly about 1-3 days afterwards. As an energetic medicine, the effects are not always a linear equation: A+B=C, yet rest assured you will receive them in the exact way you need to, and without force.

For some, they have very subtle and non-obvious shifts that gently reharmonize and inform their everyday lives, and for others they have a profound spiritual awakening that completely reshapes their known reality. I've had many clients coming in with specific physical ailments, who have had them completely heal, along with other related aspects of their lives. It all depends on what you are needing at any given time, therefore neither experience is more preferred. If you choose multiple sessions, each will be a different experience as well.
There are several factors at play which help determine the outcome. Honesty with oneself, readiness for change, trust in yourself and me, and a willingness to be present with anything that arises, all contribute to profound healings. I do my best to meet you where you are at, and you will never be given more than you can handle.

What is it like to receive a session?

 Sessions involve a short check-in to help bring focus and heart to the session, some time spent on the massage table, and possibly in front of my medicine altar, and reflections in closing. Some sessions like Reiki are more passive in nature where it is your job to simply receive, and some are more active in nature, like shamanic hypnosis, where you are consciously working to release old patterns.

Most people report a deep sense of relaxation much like after a massage or acupuncture. Some see colors or imagery, or feel energy moving in their body. Others may feel 'touched' with gratitude, or have their heart open up to release some grief. I am available to teach and direct you through the process as much as you would like, or to simply allow you to have a quiet healing space to retreat into.

How many sessions will I need?

We will start to assess this together during your Soul Discovery Call/Session. I have created an entire healing program curriculum-Inner Alchemy- based on what I have found to be most effective at helping most clients gain the transformation they are seeking. It is a set framework, and it is also very personalized according to each person's needs. If you are not able to invest fully in your healing journey at this time, or still need to develop repore with me, then I recommend scheduling single sessions when you are in need. 

What issues can you address?

The beauty of this medicine, is that we can address virtually any imbalance together, within the categories of mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul. Whatever is most present for you in your life is there for a reason, and we will look at it together. I especially love addressing Trauma & Abuse (non emergent), Depression & Anxiety, Overwhelm & Exhaustion, Feeling disconnected from Purpose & Nature, PMS & Menstrual Cramps, Negative Mental Beliefs, Headaches & Back Pain, tumorous masses, and more. I guide us to focus down on one core area each session, and work my way through all the related pieces, as deeply as your Higher Self will allow.