Ancester Dinner

Feast & Talk story Around the Sacred Fire

As a far-reaching community, we will gather around the central hearth fires, and honor our ancestors. Each of us will connect-in by lighting our own flame wherever we are (whether a candle, a bonfire), cooking our chosen ancestors a meal, and sharing our memories or stories of them around the soft fire-glow.

As a global family, we will feast together with a live Zoom dinner. Everyone will have a chance to presence their honored guest(s), and share something on their behalf if they wish.

Let us open up to the synchronicity of their guidance, and welcome them to the feast!

–See below for more participant info–

Every indigenous culture that we know of has had a practice of honoring their ancestors. Remembering this has been a profound journey for, and its a true honor to be hosting this event.


*This offering was inspired by the teachings I received from Paul Raphael, a Native Odawan Elder and Peacemaker.

Saturday October 31st

5-7pm PST – 6-8pm MST – 8-10pm EST

*Ending times approximate. Ritual is likely 90 minutes long, with extra time to gather afterwards.

FREELY Offered.

Heart-donations accepted to $ShardaiMoon (venmo) or (paypal)

Participant Info

Prepare yourself for the ritual

How to participate:

1) Invite in a benevolent ancestor, that wishes most to be honored at this time. This could be someone you knew in the flesh, or have only heard of, or a general culture you know as part of your blood lineage (ie: German). 

2) Go shopping, take your intuition & your knowledge of your ancestor(s) with you. allow yourself to be guided to create the one dish that your they would most love to feast on. (this could even be picking up their favorite fast-food! whatever they request is perfect).

3) Cook it up! As you create or prepare your dish, allow your ancestor to cook with you. 

4) Gather any of these things to bring to the ceremony that you wish: a photo of them, a favorite song, a funny story, a poem they wrote, a memory from their life...etc.


5) Dress up to honor them! Do you have an old hat or heirloom of theirs, or wish to try out some laudershausen to honor your german relatives...? 

Event Flow:

Lighting of the central hearth

Invocation of ancestors & directions

First bite given to the fire or Spirit

Feasting together, while taking turns sharing.

Official release of ancestors & directions

Central Fire will burn until it wishes to go out, all participants and ancestors are welcome to 'sit' by it until it does so