Isis Initiation

28 Week Journey

Awakening the 7 Gates

of the Sacred Feminine

Be supported in a 1:1 mentoring and healing journey, deepening over the expanse of 7 months (26 weeks+ follow-up). Be lovingly & intuitively guided as you connect deeper to your own sense of spirituality and wellness. Reawaken your inner healer and transform your life from the inside out.

This is a powerful, personalized, sacred initiation & personal transformation. Available only to those brave & willing enough to invest in themselves and show up for the Work; by application only.


Are you wanting to feel more resourced - financially, emotionally, energetically?

Are you wanting to have a thriving, loving relationship to yourself and others in your life?

Are you curious how to show up in your vocation/career in a more heart-centered & fulfilled way?

Are you wanting to be more resourced energetically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

Are you wanting to heal personal and historic trauma from your womb, and unleash any unhealthy physical and emotional imbalances?

Are you wanting to be more embodied in your sovereign knowing and less outwardly philosophical with your spirituality?

Are you wanting some physical items, information, and approachable practices that will help support your spiritual growth?

Are you wanting personal guidance and reflections while held within a safe and loving container?

Are you ready to ignite the flames of your inner knowing and magically explore what is there?

Are you wanting a deeper, more accepting sense of connection to yourself and the world around you?

Are you wanting to feel grounded and centered in your body, AND connected to your spiritual guidance and support?

Are you ready to stand in your power, and co-create your life?

Are you unsure of how you wandered onto this page, but are feeling activated in your womb, heart, or head in reading these words?


...if any of these are true for you, then you are welcome to read on....

Throughout our journey together, you will receive so much:

Attunement from Isis to awaken all 7 Gates 444

7 Guided Journeys to deepen into each Gate 777

7 Sacred Oils 177

Journey to unroll your Sacred Scrolls 77

7 Teachings on the Stages of Alchemy 539

7 Alchemical Energy Healing Sessions 3,108

Ceremonial Container that is POWERFUL to hold you on your path of Alchemical Gold.

A personal guide to walk beside you and witness you on your journey, supporting you all-ways.

...Petal by petal you will be showered with blessings and beauty while walking your path of love...

Gold 1:

Claiming Your Ground. Be guided into a ceremonial process of recognizing the transition/growth edge you are on, the healing of the past that is needed, and the intentions for what is to come next. You will feed the earth with your prayers, before receiving the blessings to come. We set our healing container of Sacred Space for your journey.

Gold 2:

Igniting your Seed Spark. You will receive an attunement to connect to and activate the flames in your womb, heart, and 3rd eye. You will receive practices to tend your inner flames.

Gold 3:

Finding your Thorns. You will engage in 3 potent energy sessions to clear and heal any imprints and traumas from your womb-space.

Gold 4:

Budding your Wisdom. You will be guided on a journey to connect with the wisdom of your inner Magdalene. You will receive practice instructions for creating your own MoonTime rituals.

Gold 5:

Flowering your Love.  You will receive a powerful self-love guided journey, and recorded loving-kindness meditation practice.

Gold 6:

Watering your Soil. You will be guided in crystallizing and integrating all the medicine that has been given, and in creating what is to come.

Congratulations, you're now walking your path of love!

Gold 7:

Follow-Up call. You will have an additional check-in/council call scheduled anytime 1-3 months after our journey, in which to check-in on your integration process.

Gold 8:

Cross the Golden Threshold. You will be guided in crystallizing and integrating all the medicine that has been given, and in creating what is to come.

Congratulations, you're now walking your path of love!


You may decide to continue with healing/council sessions as needed, in order to have continuity in support after your 6 month journey.

...This is both an initiatory experience & a didactic training...

Here's the flow of the program, over 30+ weeks...

Gold 0:

Attunement 333

Receive Healing Waters via mail

Gold 1-7: (each are 4 weeks long)

wk 1- Guided Journey 77

wk 2- Alchemy Teaching 350

wk 3- Healing/Ceremony Session 777/1554

wk 4- Council Session 462

Gold 8:

Final Golden Threshold Ceremony 222

Bonus Layer:

Follow-up Council Call

Tune in. Are you feeling activated in your body? How so?

$10,000 Heart Investment


Your financial, time, and energetic investments are all ways to powerfully say "YES!, I am willing to arrange my life to prioritize my path of loving sacred service"- and you will be met by an equally powerful "YES!" as the Universe will arrange itself to deliver this medicine to you.


Can you feel your inner voice tugging on you yet?

Perhaps our application process will bring you some clarity on if this program is a good fit for you at this time…

Send your application request here: