AlpenGlow Imagery


I remind heart-felt leaders how to create a Sacred life.
A life that is informed by their own Divinity, their connection to their purpose and their place in the circle of all their relations.
I empower them to see their lives as the unfolding of a beautiful mythical journey, one that is deeply nourishing for the soul, and that fuels their deepest desires.
One that is imbued by devotional practice, self-care, and an ability to show up and create tangible differences in this world. A life that is intentional, on-purpose, and radically beautiful.
And as a Priestess of the Goddess, I initiate those women who are ready, back into intimate relationship with their own Sacred Feminine Essence.
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I wonder if...
You crave belonging
You seek something deeper
You hear the silence speak
You yearn for something solid to lean into
You wish to be free
You value authenticity
You desire to make a difference
We are your Sanctuary

Are you a Spiritually-minded lover of the Earth, who is struggling to find a grounded, more soulful approach to Spirituality, and who is longing for a Sacred community in which to explore this in?


Are you a Womxn with a sense of great spiritual purpose, who longs to belong again in this world, and to come out of hiding to shine the radiance of her Mystical Self

Private Support

Are you a Spiritual Seeker, needing support to do your own internal healing work, so that you can show up in a more resourced and authentic way as you assist others?

"I am still basking in the love a week later :) Shardai is the real deal.

Shardai has the sweetest energy, and holds such a loving space for the person in her presence.


Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this lady :) You will be glad you did."

~Dena K. / Massage Therapist

"WHAT an incredible experience! Shardai is powerful, compassionate and created a safe place to share my intention and practice healing WITH her. Can't recommend her more!"

Justin K./ Yoga Teacher & Healer / Shamanic Healing Client

"There are no words to describe the spiritual journey she took me on.
I am just in awe of her and her practice."

Chanta S. / Shamanic Healing Client

"WOW! A beautiful, humbling experience 🌸✨💜🙏"

Priscilla R. / Shamanic Healing Client